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Learn about the work we do with our clients

CYC offers a comprehensive range of services to solve problems for local businesses and nonprofits through pro bono consulting projects. We assemble diverse teams of NC State students to work on these projects, or engagements, over the course of a semester. Our teams work diligently to learn the business’ issues, plan to tackle those issues, and create deliverables that set up the client for enduring success.

  • Go-To-Market

  • Pricing

  • Industry Analysis

  • Financial Modeling

  • Cost Reduction

  • Revenue Modeling

Customer Experience & Design service ima
  • Product Development

  • User Interface

  • Feedback Analysis

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Business Process Management

  • Software Implementation

Operations & Technology service
Marketing & Sales service image.jpg
  • Market Analysis

  • Web Analytics

  • Marketing Strategy 

  • Donor Development

  • Brand Management

  • Recruitment and Training

  • Structuring and Location

  • Partnership Development

People & Organization service image.jpg
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