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CYC offers a comprehensive range of services to solve problems for local businesses and nonprofits. Over the course of a semester. Our teams work diligently to learn the business’ issues, establish workstreams, and create deliverables that set the client for enduring success.

  • Go-To-Market

  • Pricing

  • Industry Analysis

  • Financial Modeling

  • Cost Reduction

  • Revenue Modeling

Customer Experience & Design service ima
  • Product Development

  • User Interface

  • Feedback Analysis

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Business Process Management

  • Software Implementation

Operations & Technology service
Marketing & Sales service image.jpg
  • Market Analysis

  • Web Analytics

  • Marketing Strategy 

  • Donor Development

  • Brand Management

  • Recruitment and Training

  • Structuring and Location

  • Partnership Development

People & Organization service image.jpg
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